Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Davy Jones

David Jefferson "Davy" Jones (June 30, 1880 – March 30, 1972)

Although his name is similar to the diminutive lead singer of the
Monkees or the ancient mariner of lore, today's subject of The MMOB Daily Quote is a 19th century baseball player who played fifteen seasons for six teams alongside such greats as Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford, and Frank Chance (of 'Tinker to Evers to Chance' fame).

While I couldn't find any multi-media for Mr. Jones, I was able to find some interesting information to pass along.

The following is pulled from the Davy Jones listing on
Jones is also known for recounting a famous story in The Glory of Their Times (by Lawrence Ritter) about the early ballplayer/comedian Germany Schaefer. According to Jones, Schaefer was the only player who ever stole first in a ballgame. The instance evidently took place September 4, 1908 during a Detroit game versus Cleveland. With Davy Jones on third and Schaefer at first, the double steal was on. But as Germany slid into second base safe, the Cleveland catcher held onto the ball. In order to set up the double-steal again, Schaefer took off screaming for first on the next pitch and dove in headfirst in without a play. This stunned the players, fans and umpires, but it was perfectly legal. On the next pitch, the double steal worked.
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