Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Dave Parker

David Gene "The Cobra" Parker (born June 9, 1951)

The subject of today's
The MMOB Daily Quote is a man many believe should be in the baseball Hall of Fame. I enjoyed watching him play for both the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates and would have to say in-person he is one of the biggest men I've ever met. Just look at the picture here of him with Jim Rice of the Boston Red Sox who is also a very big guy.

Here's a short interview with Mr. Parker at a charity event in 2007.

And now, some quotes from
The Cobra.

"I think the day will come when I'll be the Stargell in the lineup." — Parker, in 1976

"There were a couple of years where my numbers probably weren't what they should have been. But for the majority of those 10 years, from 1975 to '80, I was probably the best player in the game.... I should be in the Hall of Fame. Ain't no doubt about it." — reflecting on his career, 2006

And one about him from a former coach.

"Parker gave 100 percent effort in every inning of every game that he played. He was one of the greatest I ever managed and one of the greatest who ever played, in my opinion. He has Hall of Fame credentials."Chuck Tanner

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