Sunday, June 14, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Charlie Buffinton

Charles G. Buffinton, born Buffington (June 14, 1861 - September 23, 1907)

MMOB Daily Quote is another early professional baseballer who played from 1882 to 1892 for teams in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. As a pitcher in 1884 he won an astounding 48 games, which was good for only second best as Charlie Radbourn set the still-standing record of 60. I also found an interesting assertion on the Internet that "though it's impossible to prove, some historians believe that it was Buffinton, and not Candy Cummings, who invented the curveball."

Like with Roger Bresnahan earlier this week, it was difficult to find quotes for Mr. Buffinton so I've included a few about him instead.

"Unlike the majority of pitchers, when about to deliver the ball, Buffinton squarely faces the batsman. Holding the ball in both hands at arm's length before his face, he nervously twists the sphere about for a moment or two. Then tossing his hands above his head he lifts his left foot from the ground and hops forward on the right. Swinging his right arm down to his side he sends the ball in with but little effort, but with considerable force. Buffinton as well as (Bill) Stemmyer practices an effective 'down shoot' that proves very deceptive to the average batsman." - from How Men Pitch Base-Ball: The Famous Pitchers of the National League of 1886.

"It was in 1883, or about that time, that Buffington(sic) of the Boston club, became prominent as a drop ball pitcher, and he could make the ball talk." - from the article "The Discoveries of the Curve and Drop" in
Baseball Magazine, May 1911.

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