Friday, June 26, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Bernie Wrightson

Another favorite artist from my earliest memories is Bernie Wrightson. While he really made his name working on DC Comics's Swamp Thing his uncanny ability to depict monsters and characters in varying states of decomposition make him a throwback to the early masters of the comic book horror genre.

Here's a good biography on Bernie from the website for the upcoming Dragon-Con which is scheduled for September 4-7 in Atlanta, Georgia. I also found a 2007 posting to the Dark, But Shining blog with an Interview with Bernie Wrightson that provides insights into some of his recent activities.

For a little multi-media, here's a video interview of the man with writer Steve Niles as they talk about a project they were doing for Dark Horse Comics in 2007.

And now, because this is an Artist Spotlight, presented below is a quick walk through some of Mr. Wrightson's his signature style. Enjoy!

A small GALLERY of Bernie Wrightson Art pulled from the Internet
All art and copyrights are the property of their respective owners

If you'd like to buy Bernie's art, you can find it on the official Wrightsonart Shop. Cool stuff.

Next Up: Mike Grell

Cheers! - Jason

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