Friday, June 19, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Marshall Rogers

When it comes to Batman, there's a small core of artists who have really done the character right. You can argue about who was the best, and good cases can be made for a handful of the greats - whether that's the guys from the early years including Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and Dick Sprang; the '60s through the '80s with the excellence of Carmine Infantino, Jim Aparo, Neal Adams, and Frank Miller; or looking to the newer works of Jim Lee, Tim Sale or even the animated work of Paul Dini. Marshall Rogers fits into that middle group and his pointy-eared interpretation was second-to-none.

While my first experience of Marshall's art was with Batman in DC's Detective Comics, his worked that I liked best was on Marvel Comics master of mysticism, Doctor Strange. His work harkened back to the heyday of Steve Ditko, which a cleaner, more multi-layered approach that brought new depth to the interpretation of the unusual setting inhabited by Dr. Stephen Strange.

Marshall's career also included runs on a number of books, including Marvel's Silver Surfer and G.I. Joe, DC's Mister Miracle, along with Scorpio Rose and Coyote for Eclipse Comics. In the midst of a resurgence, he died of a heart attack in 2007 at the all-too young age of 57. That said, I hope you appreciate the small sampling of his work below. It's the least I can do after the many hours of enjoyment he's provided to us fans over the years.

A small GALLERY of Marshall Rogers Art pulled from the Internet
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