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The MMOB Daily Quote - Roger Connor

Roger Connor (July 1, 1857 – January 4, 1931)

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The MMOB Daily Quote is known as the home-run king of the 19th century. Although his lifetime total of 138 home-runs pales by the standards of Ruth's time, and certainly those of the "Steroid Era", they were an amazing accomplishment in his time. Unfortunately, as records weren't tracked as assiduously in the 1900s, his record was not recognized until well after his record was broken by Ruth in 1921. He was rewarded for his career efforts, which also included 2,467 hits and a .317 lifetime batting average, by induction into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1976 by the Veterans Committee.

I could find nothing "multi-media" from Roger on the Internet, so instead I'm presenting some interesting facts and quotes from others to help give you your daily fix.

Interesting Roger Connor Facts & Quotes From Others:

On September 11, 1886, Roger Connor became the first man (and possibly only man) to hit a ball completely out of the original Polo Grounds. As a result, his adoring fans presented him with a gold watch valued at nearly $500. The New York Times reported of the feat, "He met it squarely and it soared up with the speed of a carrier pigeon. All eyes were turned on the tiny sphere as it soared over the head of Charlie Buffinton in right field."

It was reportedly Connor's prowess and stature (6'3" and 220 lbs.) that New York manager
Jim Mutrie was referring to when he gushed about his team, "Look at my giants!" Thus the nickname for the New York, and later San Francisco Giants

Of his prowess at the "pop up slide" "With his weight catapulting him, with speed and force, he slid feet first and, as he landed, could bob up, like a jack-in-the-box." — sportswriter Sam Crane

And a quick quote from Mr. Connor.

"I used to nail the horsehide over the fence into the tall grass and that would tickle some of the old New York stock brockers."

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