Saturday, July 11, 2009

Game #7 - Novato American vs Tiburon

Today was game #7 for the Novato American Little League 12 year-old All-Stars who took on a cross-county team from Tiburon. Both squads made it into the elimination round, so we were expecting a close one. Unfortunately, in addition to the game being close, Novato came up a little short, bringing the stellar All-Star run to an all-to-soon close. Which does nothing to lessen the fun, excitement and pride all the parents (like me!), families and friends had in watching the boys play this year.

For the complete photo-set, check out the NALL 12 YO All-Star
Shutterfly account.

Game Summary

Tiburon won the coin flip and elected the home side of the field at beautiful
Joe Wagner Field. Novato was held scoreless in the top of the first by Tiburon pitcher Colin Galeste. Novato's Evan Bernardy closed down Tiburon in the bottom of the inning for a 0-0 tie after one.

Colin and Evan held tight for their respective teams over the first three innings. Tiburon made an aggressive push in the bottom of the third where some heads-up Novato fielding took advantage of agressive Tiburon baserunning to get one out on an a rundown and two more on a double play after a catch on a hard shot to second. So, after three innings it was still knotted at 0-0.

All the scoring took place in the fourth inning. Novato struck first when Robbie Cassee singled to right and took second on a passed ball. Tyler Torres then hit a rocket to centerfield where it hit the top of the fence and the centerfielders' glove at the same time and bounced back into play resulting in a double and scoring Cassee in the process. After the top of the fourth, Novato lead 1-0.

But the lead was short lived as Tiburon got a man on first and Dillon Blair hit a hard shot over the centerfield fence for a two-run home-run. So, after four innings it was Tiburon up 2-1.

And that was the end of the scoring. While Bernardy closed out Tiburon in the fifth, Tiburon did the same to Novato in the fifth and sixth and the game was over.

Final Score: Tiburon 2, Novato American 1

Here's a few highlight photos from the game to whet your appetite.

Evan Bernardy (99) throwing heat in the first inning

Robbie Cassee (12) drives a single to right in the fourth inning

Tyler Torres (18) drives the ball deep in the fourth inning...

...which bounces back in play for a double scoring Cassee for Novato's only run of the day.

- Jason

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