Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing Tourist in the SF/Bay Area

My brother and his family are in town so yesterday we got the whole gang together to play tourist in our own backyard. It was a good chance to do the things we never get to because we live here.

We started by walking the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day on the bay, sunny, warm, with the typically gusty winds that we've come to love. The trek took the 10 of us about an hour and a half, much of it dodging other pedestrians and the whizzing bikes and Cushman carts. I've included a few photos here, but you can see more on
the MMOB Shutterfly site.

After the walk, we dropped in on the Dixie Cafe for a great lunch. Mom and Dad treated us all to lunch and it was a good one. If you want a good sized meal at a reasonable price in Mill Valley, check this place out!

The last stop on our excursion was the newly upgraded Marine Mammal Center at the headlands. It's a great new facility but it's the marine life that will steal your heart! I think we spent over an hour watching the young sea lions, harbor seals and elephant seals as the played, brayed and slept in there pens. It was fascinating watching all the volunteers corral the various pups of all sizes to they could be hustled off, weighed, checked and moved around. Live watching an ant hill or bee hive at work. You can see a little more from our visit on the
MMOB Shutterfly site as well.

Harbor seal yearlings recuperating at the Marine Mammal Center

It was great to get the kids together with their cousins for a great outing. And while it was fun to get out, it's amazing how exhausted you can get just hanging locally.

Cheers! - Jason

The elephant seal statue at the Marine Mammal Center

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