Saturday, May 9, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Mike Wallace

Today, The MMOB Daily Quote sends happy 90th Birthday wishes to Mike Wallace

A notoriously tough interviewer, I've always enjoyed Mr. Wallace's no nonsense style. Here's a short video clip recognizing Mike's birthday from the curmudgeonly
Andy Rooney shown at the close of last Sunday's 60 Minutes. (EDITORIAL NOTE: I'm not the expert here, but I think Mr. Rooney misstates Mike's birthday as Friday, which would be one of the few fact checking errors I've caught on the program. Good to know I'm not the only one who has missed a day here and there...)

And now, some notable words from Mr. Mike Wallace:

“I determined that if I was to carve out a piece of reportorial territory for myself it would be [doing] the hard interview, irreverent if necessary, the fa├žade-piercing interview.”

“What do you mean, you have no idea?”

“... I've talked one-on-one with George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Jack Kennedy. But I understand you're not going to let me talk one-on-one with you?”

“What you're saying is that you were a living steroids experiment for your entire career”

“If he's upset, I'm sorry for it. He had plenty of gestures for me.”

60 Minutes: “I remember when I was growing up, ... It was Jack Benny that I used to listen to on the radio at 7 o'clock on Sunday nights. And that went on and on, and he became an institution. In our own way I think we've done the same.”

Cheers! - Jason

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