Friday, May 29, 2009

Check it Out - Happy "Up" Day

Are you "Up"?

My son has been on the edge of his seat waiting for this day for months. To say he is fixated on all things
Pixar would be a gross understatement. So, when he bounced up early this morning grinning from ear to ear it was certainly expected. The newest movie Up is out today, and he can't wait to see it.

We helped feed the excitement by finding him one of the movie posters featuring the talking dog Dug (see the image below). Since it's nearly impossible to find frames for a 4'x6' poster, I spent a couple of hours this week building a custom one. While I still have to hang it on the wall, Danny now has the somewhat strange experience of staring into Dug's pleading eyes every time he goes to bed or wakes up.

So, as you might guess, we're going to see the 3D version this afternoon in Petaluma and I'll post some kind of review soon. I say the 3D version because my resident expert assures me that the 2D version is better. He's willing to go along with the rest of us to this showing but only so he can compare it to the 2D version when he sees it in the next day or two. Sheeesh.

In case you haven't caught the "Up" bug yet, here's one of the trailers from

Cheers! - Jason

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