Monday, August 31, 2009

Running Log - 6 Miles in Bahia

Tonight, I did a shorter loop along the marsh in Bahia with my dog Lucky, the Jack Russell Terrier. He was so happy that he looked a lot like the little guy in the picture here. Lucky has more of a broken coat and has black on his head, but I thought the smile and the tongue were pretty close.

When I wasn't laughing at Lucky, I was enjoying the sunset and fading light as I ran out from the base of Bahia, where Topaz starts at the end of Bahia Drive, and back. In all, it was a 6 mile loop of pure dust and dirt, and easy going the whole way. A lot of gentle up and down, but no daunting hill at the end made for a smooth and easy run. A great way to end the day and the month of August.
Distance: 6 miles

Time: 60 minutes - evening

Weather: Sunset, cool and windy

On the iPod: The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan
Cheers! - Jason

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