Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Novato Stingers Football - Scrimmage - Aug. 22

My son Robbie is playing football again this year so we're thrilled to be back. This year, he's a Stinger, and last weekend the team played a scrimmage in El Sobrante against Central Marin, Rancho Cotati, Tri-Cities and Southern Marin. The team looked pretty good after only a few weeks of practice so we are all excited to see how they do with the regular season starting this weekend.

As I started doing 5 years ago, I get to work the sidelines with my camera and try to capture the action. Sometimes I get lucky and get some great shots. Even if I don't, I take a lot of photos and look forward to creating a slideshow at the end of the year which is shown at the team banquet.

Since we have a whole season to go, we'll be posting the photos on Shutterfly after each game. You can check out the latest action at the Novato Stingers Shutterfly Site.

Here are a few more shots from the scrimmage:

Ben Putman running around Tri-Cities

Marc Alvarez runs to daylight against Rancho Cotati

Robbie Cassee catches a pass against Rancho Cotati

Alec Ball on the way to 6 against Rancho Cotati

Ben Putman on a long run for 6 against Central Marin

Cheers! - Jason

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