Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Nikolai Gogol

Today our birthday boy and notable quotable is Nikolai Gogol

A little background on Mr. Gogol from the Internet:

Great Russian novelist, dramatist, satirist, founder of the so-called critical realism in Russian literature, best-known for his novel MERTVYE DUSHI I-II (1842, Dead Souls). Gogol's prose is characterized by imaginative power and linguistic playfulness. As an exposer of the defects of human character, Gogol could be called the Hieronymus Bosch of Russian literature.

Here are a few quotes pulled from ThinkExist.com and other sources:

“What is utterly absurd happens in the world”

“It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry”

“Countless as the sands of the sea are human passions.”

“As you pass from the tender years of youth into harsh and embittered manhood, make sure you take with you on your journey all the human emotions!”

“Always think of what is useful and not what is beautiful. Beauty will come of its own accord.”

“Everywhere a man will be sure to meet at least once in his life something that is unlike anything he had happened to see before.”

“Let me warn you, if you start chasing after views, you'll be left without bread and without views.”

"The moon is made by some lame cooper, and you can see the idiot has no idea about moons at all. He put in a creosoted rope and some wood oil; and this has led to such a terrible stink all over the earth that you have to hold your nose. Another reason the moon is such a tender globe it that people just cannot live on it any more, and all that's left alive there are noses. This is also why we cannot see our own noses - they're all on the moon."
(from Diary of a Madman, 1835)

Cheers! - Jason

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