Saturday, March 28, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Michael Parkinson


Today's birthday boy and notable quotable is British television personality Michael Parkinson.

Here's a little background on Mr. Parkinson from
The Museum of Broadcast Communications:
MICHAEL PARKINSON. Born in Cudworth, Yorkshire, England, 28 March 1935. Attended Barnsley Grammar School. Married: Mary Heneghan; children: Andrew, Nicholas and Michael. Began career as newspaper journalist, local papers and The Guardian, The Daily Express and The Sunday Times; reporter and producer, Granada Television; executive producer and presenter, London Weekend Television, 1968; leading chat show host, 1970s; presented sporting documentaries among other programmes; chat show host, Channel 10, Australia, 1979-84; co-founder, TV-AM, 1983; presenter, LBC Radio, 1990.
And here is today's fun quote from

“Even now a team of linguists is at work translating Don Revie's* writings on the game [of football] from the original gibberish into Arabic.”
* Don Revie was a British football (that's soccer to us Yanks) player and coached the English national squad from 1974-1977. Apparently, he left the English team under controversial circumstances to coach the United Arab Emirates. I assume Mr. Parkinson's comment was akin to today's offerings by David Letterman or Jay Leno in response to the news of the day.

Cheers! - Jason

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