Monday, March 30, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Jethro Tull

Today's birthday boy is Jethro Tull

Clearly, there must be something interesting enough about him to warrant a rock bank using his name, so I pulled out a little background from

Tull was born in Basildon, Berkshire, to Jethro Tull Senior and Dorothy Buckridge, and baptised there on 30 March 1674. He grew up in Bradfield, Berkshire and matriculated at St John's College, Oxford at the age of 17 but appears not to have taken a degree. He was later educated at Gray's Inn.
He became ill with a pulmonary disorder, and as he went in a search for a cure he travelled Europe seeking more knowledge of agriculture. Influenced by the early Age of Enlightenment, he is considered to be one of the early proponents of a scientific (and especially empirical) approach to agriculture. He helped transform agricultural practices by inventing or improving numerous implements.
Jethro Tull invented the seed drill, a device for sowing seeds effectively.At the time his workers did not like the idea because they thought they were going to lose their jobs.
And now, as a twist of pace, here are quotes from songs by the band Jethro Tull:

“Lend me your ear, while I call you a fool.”

“He hears the silence howling catches angels as they fall, and the all time winner has got him by the fun.”

“The Christmas spirit is not what you drink.”

“Jump up, look around, find yourself some fun. No sense in sitting there hating everyone.”

“To tell the truth, I'd scare me too.”

“He's watching me watching you watching him watching me watching him watching.”

“The excrement bubbles, the century slime decays, and the brainwashing government lackeys would have us say it's under control.”

“Too many heroes stepping on too many toes, too many yes-men nodding when they really mean no.”

Cheers! - Jason

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