Saturday, March 14, 2009

The MMOB Daily Quote - Artist Spotlight on Hank Ketcham

Today, our birthday boy and notable quotable is
Hank Ketcham

You have undoubtedly heard of Mr. Ketchum as the creator of Dennis the Menace, one of those great cartoon characters that all of us (boys, boys at heart, people with boys, people who put up with boys...) can readily identify with. Here's a little background on Hank from Wikipedia:

Hank Ketcham was born in Seattle, Washington. He was the son of Weaver Vinson Ketcham and Virginia King. When he was 6 years old, his father had a guest over for dinner who was an illustrator. After dinner, he showed Hank his "magic pencil" and drew some illustrations. Hank was immediately hooked and soon his father set up a small desk in the closet of his bedroom at which he could draw.

I sure wish I could find that magic pencil!

Here are some quotes from Hank pulled from

“No more turkey, but I'd like some more of the bread it ate.”

“Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it but don't swallow it.”

“Anyone in the humor business isn't thinking clearly if he doesn't surround himself with idea people, ... Otherwise, you settle for ... mediocrity -- or you burn yourself out.”

“Mischief just seems to follow wherever Dennis appears, but it is the product of good intentions, misdirected helpfulness, good-hearted generosity, and, possibly, an overactive thyroid, ... The Merchant of Dennis The Menace.”

A small Hank Ketcham Gallery

Cheers! - Jason

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