Monday, October 26, 2009

Novato Stingers vs Florin Phantoms - Oct. 24

The Stingers swarm the Florin Phantoms in Stockton

The photos from this Novato Stingers game are now available on the 2009 Novato Stingers Shutterfly site.

Game Summary
The Novato Stingers travelled to Stockton for a hot saturday afternoon game against the Florin Phantoms at Weston Ranch High School. Novato won the coin toss and quickly got things rolling on the offensive side with a two-play drive as Alec Ball (12) ran for a 22-yard touchdown only 42 seconds into the game. The PAT attempt was no good so the Stingers were up 6-0.

The Novato defense stopped the first Florin drive flat for a quick 4-and-out to get the ball back. It was a theme that would be repeated throughout the day as the swarming Stinger defense locked-down another opponent.

Novato scored again with another quick two-play drive, capped by a 13-yard Angelo Lagomarsino (9) run and a Danny Dreher (5) recovery in the end-zone for a touchdown. Mark Alvarez (21) kicked a two-point PAT to bring the score to 14-0.

Lagomarsino's ensuing onside kickoff was recovered by Ball and the Stingers were quickly at it again. Chris Folsom (25) back from a three-week layoff for an injury ran the ball 35-yards for a touchdown with 5:39 remaining in the second-quarter. With the addition of another Alvarez two-point PAT, the Stingers were up 22-0.

Novato added another quick score on Florin's next drive when Daylan Birlin (59) intercepted a pass and returned it 10-yards for a touchdown. Folsom ran for the PAT and Novato lead 29-0.

The Stingers would score once more in the first-half, when quarterback Tommy Sanz (13) hit a wide open Robbie Cassée (16) in the end-zone for a 9-yard touchdown with 2:30 remaining in the half. With the score 35-0 the "mercy rule" was invoked meaning the clock would run unstopped for the remainder of the game and that Novato could no longer pass and only run the ball between the tackles.

Novato would have scored once more in the fourth quarter on a 60-yard run by Ball with 6:30 remaining.

The Novato defense returned with a vengeance and held the Phantoms to no-first downs and no points in the game, giving the Stingers seven shutouts on the year.

Final Score: Novato Stingers 35*, Florin Phantoms 0
*mercy rule invoked with 2:30 remaining in the second-quarter

2009 Regular Season Scoring: Novato Stingers 209, Opponents 19

2009 Stingers Regular Season Record: 7-1

Here are some additional photo highlights from the game.

Alec Ball (12) busts loose for the game's first score!

Angelo Lagomarsino (9) pulls a pile of Florin tacklers toward the end-zone... 

...and Danny Dreher (5) smothers the loose ball in the end-zone for a TD

Daylan Birlin (59) ruturns a 2nd Quarter interception for a touchdown

Chris Folsom (25) returns to action with a bang with this 35-yard TD run

Robbie Cassée (16) is all alone in the end-zone for a 2nd Quarter TD catch

A Florin runner learns what it's like to run into a swarm of Stingers 

...more swarming Stingers piling on a Florin runner

Coach Rich Putman gets soaked in the post-game celebration

Cheers! - Jason

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