Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CLOSED - For now...

Hello to those of you who frequent the Minding My Own Beeswax blog.

I've been diligently posting to the site since March, 2009 trying to find the right mix of content that (1) allows me to express myself in interesting and meaningful ways, and (2) is of interest to someone. While I think I've found a pretty eclectic mix, I don't think I'm hitting on either of those goals yet. So, I've decided to close up shop until I determine what to do with MMOB. 

I will miss the regular activity involved in keeping the blog alive and I hope I'm not leaving too many readers in the lurch. Based on the blog tracking reports I don't think there are but a small handful of you out there watching this space regularly, but maybe I'm wrong. It you are out there, and you are willing to share your thoughts, let me know what you've liked so far and what you think I could do to make the future MMOB more interesting.  Just send me an email at jcassee@comcast.net

But, before I go, there is a silver lining. Along the way I started another little blog that has taken root - at least a little - that could turn into something big. It's called Novato Sports and it's something that ties-in with many aspects of my life so it's easy to be passionate about it. For example, all of the baseball and football posting and photoshoots I've been doing for my son Robbie's teams now have an excellent home. But the beautiful thing is it could be a whole lot more, if contributors can take to it in a "grassroots" effort. I guess we'll all have to see how it pans out. Check it out at www.novatosports.blogspot.com and see if it's right for you.

Until later then,

Cheers! - Jason

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